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Property Management In Austin Texas, Budget Property Management Company.
  • Is billing recurring?
    No, we bill month-to-month and send our log of invoices to you with optional discounts for those who book us yearly if they choose to.
  • What are the payment options?
    Invoices can be paid online, through check, or through a member portal.
  • Will I receive an itemized statement?
    Yes, you will receive an itemized statement every time you are billed.
  • Is the cost all-inclusive? Or are services separate?
    Our cost is based on managing, invoicing, paying, organizing, and setting up services. The cost of each service is a separate cost. With years in estate management with an incredible team we know how to negotiate, find the best deals with top-notch vendors, and make sure projects are completed with little to no action from you.
  • How do I know how much a service costs?
    We work with the best vendors at the best prices. We will get estimates for you before work begins and only after your approval will the work start. There should be no surprises on your monthly invoice.
  • Do you help lease, rent, buy, or sell real estate?
    Not yet! We will be soon though.
  • Can I use your service for my AirBnb or Vacation Rental?
    YES! We do offer this now! We focus on clients who own and use their properties, along with guests of owners. The attention needed for vacation rental properties is very different from the needs of an estate based on ease of lifestyle. Check out our rental management page to see our pricing and services.
  • Can I hire you for a wedding?
    You cannot hire us for a one-off event, like a wedding. If you are a client of ours we can help you plan a wedding whether local or international.
  • Can I keep my current vendors or will you use your own?
    If you have vendors you like, we will continue to use your preferred vendors. If you'd like more options or for us to price source for you we can help you find a solution.
  • Can I customize or blend packages?
    It's possible, but there may be extra charges and fees associated with changes made to packages.
  • Can I hire you for only one trip?
    Yes, you can. We still do not carry a commission for this service and it would be a flat fee for our assistance.
  • Can you help me staff and international trip?
    If you are looking for yacht service, event services, or temporary vacation staffing. We can background check, hire, and train the staff based on the location's local ordinances.
  • How do I ensure my special requests are passed on to my reservation?
    Ensuring that your needs are effectively communicated to the hotel or amenity is a crucial aspect of creating a seamless and luxurious travel experience. As a luxury travel agency, we ensure to pass on this information and in some cases will personally be on-site to ensure your trip runs smoothly.
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